Legal Stuff

In case you’re an idiot and can’t figure it out on your own: The statements and opinions on this blog are my own, and are not endorsed by any military, in any country, anywhere. I’m responsible for what I say. I’m not even endorsed by Tom’s Hardware on Bridon St. in Gasplunket, Arkansas, let alone the US military.

That “my own” bit also means that these are my words. If, for some reason, you want to quote me, make sure you credit it to me so that you don’t end up being blamed for my over-opinionated rantings. Please link to the post you are quoting, too.

This page is not intended for children. I cuss a lot.

I am not privy to any special kind of information whatsoever. Clyde tells me almost nothing — Sometimes, I think he’s lying about being in Afghanistan at all (Hawaii, right, babe? LOL). If you’re looking for inside info here, then you’re probably the same kind of fool that would think that I speak for the US Army. Dates are fudged around, identifying details are changed or removed, etc.

OPSEC matters. Not only for the sake of the missions carried out by the US military every day, but because I don’t want the choppers to chop off my head. If you make a comment here, make sure that it follows OPSEC, or I will report you. I’m bitchy like that.


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