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R&R: Part I


No one should have to be satisfied with just two weeks beside the person that they love.


18:47 I have been fighting a lot of battles over the past three months. It’s been seven months since my divorce, and I’m still trying to deal with the debt I was left with, as well as the additional debt that accumulated while I was stuck on part-time at work. I do absolutely nothing besides […]



Today marks the first Military Spouse Appreciation Day. While it’s certainly wonderful that there is finally some recognition for those who wait back home, it’s sad that they’ve confined it to those who are married. What about the girlfriends and boyfriends who wait at home with no real expectations of commitment, who do not have […]

And A Grrrr!


10:53 The Internet is out on Cylde’s FOB. After weeks of conversations on AIM that lasted for hours, I had gotten used to getting to talk with him every day. Now, I’m realizing just how critical that connection has been for getting myself through all of this. Without the phones, I wouldn’t be hearing from […]

20:16 I’ve never cared to play “Who Has It Worse?” with anyone. When it comes to Clyde, I don’t even try. Despite the fact that we are two halves of the same situation, the experiences and perceptions we have are highly disparate. Neither one of us has it any better than the other, no matter […]

21:36 I’ve never changed my mind so many times about one single thing, as much as I have changed my mind about this damn deployment. Some days, I’m fine. I mean, I miss Clyde, but I’m not tearing up during Hallmark commercials or anything. I look at the countdown I keep running on my computer […]

21:19 Clyde left to report back to Ft. Bragg this morning. We spent three-and-a-half days together, days that, I’m afraid, I didn’t take full advantage of. I was so emotional in so many ways that I started quite a few moments of drama that I know both of us could have done without. I wish […]