And A Grrrr!



The Internet is out on Cylde’s FOB. After weeks of conversations on AIM that lasted for hours, I had gotten used to getting to talk with him every day. Now, I’m realizing just how critical that connection has been for getting myself through all of this. Without the phones, I wouldn’t be hearing from him at all, and I’m not sure that I could stand that.

I wonder how my mother managed when her boyfriend was in Vietnam, waiting at the mailbox for letters written from foxholes. She didn’t have a date to count down to; Those boys never knew when they would be going home, just that they would get to go when the war was over. She waited for two years for her Marine to come back. Two years of relying on the USPS to know if he was alive, of watching the news and praying for the war to be over. I can’t imagine going through that, and I’m immensely grateful that I don’t have to.


One Response to “And A Grrrr!”

  1. I too have considered just how lucky I am that we have the communication that we do. With my grandfather in WWII my grandmother sat there waiting forever for any word from him. I’m not sure if he wrote letters often, but still either way it took so long to deliver…and I think 2 weeks is bad.

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