Moving Through



Clyde is now in Afghanistan. After almost two weeks of travel, he is finally at his theater. We’ve been able to maintain fairly regular contact, albeit for fifteen minutes at a time, with a two- to three-second delay, but at least we’re still in touch. That may change, now that he’s where he’s supposed to be, but hope is all that I have these days.

I’m finally learning to cope with everything that is going on in my heart and mind over this deployment. It’s been difficult, and I’m had a hard time coping with the insecurities that the situation brings up for me. Coupled with difficulties at work and here at home, I’ve had a rough time these past weeks but it is certainly getting better.

Now that the deployment has actually begun, I feel a strong sense of relief. The final countdown begins — The countdown to his return. Remarkably, I’ve been able to stop thinking that December is so terribly far away. Considering how young both Clyde and I are, it’s really just a tiny fraction of the time we can choose to share.

That’s another thing that has changed: My view of this relationship. I’ve begun seeing it as something that truly has a potential to be a “forever” thing. Just the potential, though. I’m not banking on anything.



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