Almost Fight



Clyde and I just came to the brink of our first fight… via text messages.

CLYDE: A Lt. Col. just told me I was cute. I am scared. I love you babe

BETTY: HE should be scared. I’ll fuck up his existence in a life-long kinda way. >:-) You are cute though, so I’ll respect his good taste while I’m at it. I love you.

CLYDE: She is the leader of my PRT, and its still kind of creepy. I love you Betty, and I love it when you talk violence.

BETTY: You couldn’t leave me with my assumptions, could you? Jackass. I know how you curry favor with female superiors. LOL (*)

CLYDE: Fine, HE is still my commander and with one exception I do not mix business and pleasure, especially when it is against the rules and I am in love with you.

BETTY: And I am teasing. Lighten up a bit please? Let’s not have our first fight via text messages. How can you appreciate how cute I am when I’m mad that way?

CLYDE: You’re right baby. Sorry. Tempers are a little high around here and I am sorry for directing it at you. I do love and miss you.

BETTY: It happens. Nothing to be sorry for. Are you ok? Can you tell me what is going on?

He called right after that. It seems that, after four days on the range, suddenly having to spend an entire day in classes leads to a lot of pent-up aggression. I can see what he means. I also have an idea as to why they are running the training the way that they are. I just can’t tell Clyde what I think.

So much of military training is about psychology, and part of the trick with mass psychology is that, once the confusion is broken, the training suffers, because the people being trained are no longer desperate for something to hold on to, a mental anchor.

It seems Clyde isn’t the only one silenced.


(*At his civilian job, I was Clyde’s supervisor. Hence, we didn’t really start taking this seriously until shortly before he left the company to prepare for deployment.)


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